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50 Cans – Do Something

If you haven’t ever heard of the organization “”  then you’re missing out.  Lots of campaigns and causes to get yourself busy saving our planet.  Isn’t that what we all want?  To feel like we’ve been able to do something to help save our planet?  And if not… what the heck is wrong with you?


We are destroying our oceans faster than we can repair them.  We are on the fast track to a dead planet.  Find something that you’re passionate about and do something!

I just stumbled up a campaign is running called 50 Cans.

Incredibly simple.  Collect cans, take a picture, recycle.  Be entered to win a $4000 scholarship for every 50 cans that you collect.  No really, its that simple.

Check it out!


Do you have something that you’re passionate about?  Tell us about it and we just might share it with the world so that others can join you!


About Plunder for the Planet

We created this mess. It's time to take responsibility for our actions. Let's step it up.

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