Plunder for the Planet

Power it Down!


Turning off your computer at night INSTEAD of putting it in SLEEP mode can save 40 watt-hours per day = 4 cents per day or $14 per year.  I know what you’re thinking…. “Seriously, $14 per year.  Why bother?”

Well, we do not have an endless supply of energy.  It will eventually end.  We need conservation now so we can exist in the future.  Yes, new forms of energy are found all the time.  That doesn’t mean we should keep burning what we have when we aren’t even benefitting from it.

The same goes for appliances.  If you’re not using them, unplug them.  Maybe even put them away in a cupboard and clear up some counter space.

It’s time to step it up!


About Plunder for the Planet

We created this mess. It's time to take responsibility for our actions. Let's step it up.

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