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Save California’s Endangered Coho Salmon

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Coho salmon in the Central California Coast have declined more than 95 percent from historic population levels, and are listed species as an endangered species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Just a half hour from the SF Bay Area’s urban centers, the Lagunitas Creek watershed is one of the most important waterways left for wild coho salmon, supporting 10 to 20 percent of all Central Coast coho salmon surviving today.

A California Superior Court judge has imposed a moratorium on development along San Geronimo Creek, the most important waterway for coho salmon in Marin, until the county approves a stream conservation ordinance that adequately protects salmon habitat.


In an escalating campaign to pressure Marin County supervisors to protect endangered coho salmon from extinction, yesterday twenty-two conservation and fishing organizations from across the Western U.S. placed a full-page in the Marin Independent Journal calling for immediate adoption of a strong stream conservation ordinance that prioritizes salmon protection. Failing to do so, the ad warned, could spell extinction for Marin’s coho salmon, one of the last remaining wild runs of Central California’s coho salmon. View and download the ad here.

What can you do?  Good Question!

Help Save Marin’s Wild Endangered Coho Salmon – Take Action Now!

There are four simple things that you can do to help:

1. Call your Supervisor at (415) 473-7331 and demand science-based streamside protections. Tell your Supervisor not to change the Countywide Plan, which would cost taxpayers and roll back hard-won protections.

2. Sign a petition at asking Marin Supervisors to pass science-based rules to protect Marin creeks.

3. Attend the Marin Board of Supervisors hearing at 10:30 am Tuesday, October 1, where they will discuss the fate of the Countywide Plan and Streamside Conservation Oridinance.

4. If you can, please support this cooperative effort to protect the Lagunitas Creek Watershed’s wild, endangered coho in Marin with a tax-deductible contribution. See below.

Please take action NOW to save Marin’s Coho salmon. The alternative is extinction!

For more background and information on why we need better salmon protections, please click here.

SOURCE:  Sea Turtle Restoration Project


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