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Bonaire Challenge

If you’re a scuba diver, you’ve probably been to Bonaire, also known as “diver’s paradise”.  Why?  Because the entire west coast of the island has more than 60 dive sites.  You can virtually drive down the coast and stop where you like and dive.  Shore diving, at its finest.    All day.  All night.  No, seriously.

Boat diving is available for a fee, if you fancy that.  The east coast of the island is very rough and its really only safe to dive by boat.  Apparently there are spots that you can do by shore, but you have to make sure the wind and the current are just right, as well as quite a hike with your gear.  Who wants to worry about all that when there’s some nice people with a boat waiting to do all the work for you?

The island isn’t all that big; 24 miles long and 3-7 miles wide, covering 112 square miles.  There are many hotels and dive shops offering complete dive packages, often for less than the actual plane ticket to the island.  The islands average humidity is 76% with an average temperature of 82 degrees.  Rainfall is about 22 inches for the year.

I have been to Bonaire twice in the last few years.  The east coast is littered with debris from South America.  My first visit really shocked me and after much research I found a program through Dive Friends Bonaire to help out a little!  We participated and I made this video to challenge others to participate too!

We’ve since stumbled upon a group that has taken the Bonaire challenge and they gave back a little too!  A big THANK YOU to Southeastern Divers, Inc for taking a moment to Plunder for the Planet!  You guys are AWESOME!

Please take a second to LIKE their Facebook Page!  

~ Photos by Greg Ogle ~ Manager, Southeastern Divers, Inc.

Did you help clean up Bonaire?  Let us know and we’ll share YOUR story too!


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