Plunder for the Planet

Sea Star Update

  We posted about this just a little over a month ago.  As a scuba diver and pirate plundering to save the planet, this is of huge concern to me.  … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Catch and Release Fishing…

This post was made on Facebook and the man was hoping that people would share it, in hopes that people FOR catch and release programs would consider why catch and … Continue reading

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Pitcairn Islanders want their waters declared a marine reserve!

Watch this short video of Pitcairn Islanders sharing their hopes and dreams for their island.  If you feel compelled to help, CLICK HERE to be part of their email campaign to … Continue reading

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Parasites found in the California Oarfish

When the photo first surfaced on the internet we all had to take a good look at it.  Is that real?  How did I not know that huge creature is … Continue reading

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Coincidence? What do YOU think?

  Doug Esser  ~  Associated Press A large pod of orcas swam around a Washington state ferry in an impressive display as it happened to be carrying tribal artifacts to … Continue reading

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We won a Liebster Award!

I’ve never won a blog award.  Woo hoooo!  The Liebster Award is a “favorite blog” award aimed at bringing more exposure so we can all follow one another and live … Continue reading

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Whale Refuses to Leave Friend Caught in Net

Originally posted on Teenage Conservationist:
Last week, a very lucky group of whale watchers aboard the Pirate’s Cove Whale Watch vessel witnessed off the coast of Long Island what can…

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Eastern Stellar Sea Lion Removed From Endangered Species List!!!

The eastern Steller sea lion, which roams the West Coast between Alaska and California, has been taken off the U.S. Endangered Species List after a major population comeback over the … Continue reading

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A to Z of plastic free products

We have to start somewhere… why not here…

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Marine Litter in European Seas – Teen Video Contest!

Have you noticed all the litter that appears on the beach? Where do you think it comes from and what are the problems it can cause in the sea? What … Continue reading

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